There are two things to break down for a safe tattoo environment: the cleanliness and the trustworthiness of the artist. Here are how these two qualities take place at Fishbone:

  • Fishbone team respects and takes your experience during the tattoo process seriously, make your even weirdest request possible. While in Vietnam there hasn’t yet a standard for the job title of a tattoo artist, our artist have already enrolled in cosmetic tattoo qualification.
  • As much as enjoying the creative process and having fun, Fishbone Studio don’t joke around when it comes to crucial tattooing etiquette: Clean air, single used needles, all US imported equipments, all vegan liquid products, proper setup procedure, sterilized reusable machines, neat certified dermatology and body art knowledge. All set up are done under your observation to make sure each client knows they’re in good hands.
  • Bonused with major skills from the best tattoo parlours, we always plan for how your tattoo will look like in 10 years time, that’s why we always try our best to engage in interactions with each of you beautiful artistic souls. 

To top it off with the friendliest team, Fishbone is definitely safe for every tattoo lover !